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Shoozla is a handy, smart and powerful tool that helps you easily find covers for your songs-->
If you want your music collection to look really neat and pretty, song covers is not a neglectable detail; but manually searching for a cover on the Internet will take long precious time.
Shoozla comes to help you with this task.
It is an open source and freeware music tag editing application that lets you embed album covers in your music’s metadata.
With only a few clicks you can search for songs covers: just add a folder with MP3 files, select which of these files don't have covers and then simply search for them.
The cover is saved into ID3 tag, embedded into the file, hence you can move or copy the file without losing the artwork.
In this way any Mp3 player is able to read and display the cover.
Search within the most famous songs databases:


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Find covers with 1 click:

  1. Drag&Drop your Music folder
  2. Click on "Search"
  3. Done.
The search algorithm tryies to find the exact cover in this order: You can also use the application from the command line, or create a scheduled task to search for covers periodically.


Edit the ID3 tag

Source code

Shoozla is an open source project, you can easily join and contribute to extends it. The source code is hosted at codeplex, where you can download it for free.
It is written with:
Born as little project it has now more than 20000 lines of code, and its complexity is growing day by day.
It has been built with a plug-in model in mind, so the search engine is fully dynamic. Write a new plug-in is just easy as implement an abstract class.
Check this UML model if you want to develop a new search provider.
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